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Save Big During Next Step’s 2019 Cyber Sale

  • by Fehbe Meza
  • Nov 18, 2019
  • MCAT Blog, MCAT Prep

If you’re one of the lucky students on a semester schedule, you have at least two weeks between the end of your fall term and the beginning of the spring semester, and with finals firmly behind you, this is the perfect time to start (or dive deep into) your MCAT prep. To help you, Next Step has decided to slash prices and start our Cyber Week sale a little earlier this year.

For a limited time, save $350 on the Next Step Online MCAT Course!

Our online MCAT course was created by MDs and PhDs with 524+ scores and is updated every quarter to stay on top of any AAMC changes. All course students receive six months of access, but that can be extended based on your MCAT date! However, if you’re planning on taking the MCAT in the summer, you should start studying for the MCAT soon!

If you were researching MCAT prep options, this is the perfect time to make your decision. Beginning today, all new Next Step course students will receive our 2020 MCAT prep books. The revised MCAT books reflect the latest changes in the official MCAT exam and the most recently released AAMC exam to provide you with the most representative and up-to-date practice. Our MCAT books also integrate seamlessly with the online MCAT course for realistic practice that mimics the test interface. Plus, they look great on your bookshelf or coffee table.

If you were hoping just to get some extra practice in before the January or March MCAT, you’re in luck; all MCAT practice exams are on sale!

It’s no secret the AAMC practice exams are a must in any MCAT study plan. However, before you tackle those, you should sharpen your skills with additional practice exams. The Next Step full-length practice MCAT exams were designed to mimic the real MCAT and provide you with a realistic testing experience. To help you better understand concepts, each exam contains detailed content breakdowns and full answers/explanations for every MCAT question.

‘Tis the season of giving, and we’re giving you our best deals of the year so you can give yourself the gift that keeps on giving: a chance at an education and achieving your MD goals!

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