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Sep 29, 2009
Unless, unless, unless (LSAT Formal Logic)

Basic formal logic is an absolute must-know to perform well on the LSAT in both the logic games and in logical reasoning.  If you do not have some basis in logic, you must speak to your tutor about it or find a good source of rules and drills. That said, most students fairly quickly come […]

Sep 15, 2009
Where should you make your master diagram? Logic Games

I’ve seen books that ask you to make a master sketch (the sketch that lays out the basic rules as well as your deductions, and which you reproduce while working through questions) at the top of the page, and those that advice making it at the bottom. I don’t think anyone should lose sleep over […]

Sep 15, 2009
LSAT prep book anti-recommendations

I’m always a little bit sad when I browse the LSAT prep book section at a big book store, because someone must be buying the LSAT for Dummies books and all these DVD’s.  They are not a good idea.  Here’s what NOT to look for in an LSAT book.

Sep 08, 2009
How to get the most out of private LSAT tutoring

Private tutoring is all we do. We believe that it delivers a much better experience since it’s customized and moves at the pace of the student. That said, there are ways to make tutoring much more successful. Here’s how to get the most out of a private LSAT tutor. Familiarize yourself with the test first. […]

Sep 07, 2009
Why you should register for the LSAT now

With numbers of LSAT takers up significantly, spots are filling up, especially in major cities.  In Chicago, for example, registration is closed at DePaul and Loyola for the December test two months out (although there are still spaces available at Northwestern downtown and Evanston campuses). It’s even worse in DC, where many students for the […]

Sep 04, 2009
Why we blog

Greetings and welcome to Next Step’s LSAT blog. First, thanks for stopping by. We hope to build a community of potential test-takers around this blog, helping each other maximize their scores. You are a part of that. When we first started thinking about a blog we expected that there would be tons of free information […]